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Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé has been working on a fascinating series of landscapes using a bizarre lighting method involving a suspended glowing square. The images above are not photoshopped, the 1×1 meter light is instead hung in the center of each photograph and the resulting image shows the unique form of illumination that creeps into the surrounding area. Paillé says his goal is to redefine what a landscape photograph is by questioning its reality, creating a kind of poetic moment in space and time. You can see many more of his Alternative Landscapes on Flickr.

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First Book wants to give away 1 MILLION BOOKS TO KIDS IN NEED OVER THE NEXT 10 DAYS. Here’s the catch: We want the world to know about the issue of illiteracy and how they can help us fight it. In support of our effort, we will give away a book for every “re-blog”, “retweet”, and “share” we get of  this message on twitter, tumblr and facebook. Get to sharing. 

I will auto-reblog for children’s literacy, it’s true.

How nice it is that spring follows winter, every time.
Robert Walser, from the story “Winter.” I know it’s sort of cruel that I keep pulling quotes from the out-of-print Selected Stories, but, guys, all the short stuff is so great, like little antidepressant morsels. And in Susan Bernofsky’s hands, Walser is even bouncier, funnier—a joy to read. She did most of the new Berlin Stories, which you can get here. (via mcnallyjackson)
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